**Dream Nest is currently not accepting new clients**

Quick Consult

Avoid costly paint and finish mistakes.  Get expert help up-front that allows you to follow through with your projects confident in the color scheme and room layout.

  • Available in-home, in-office, or virtually

  • Consultation available for overall color schemes - including paint for walls and cabinetry, furniture, bedding, and accessories

  • Client receives recommendations for room layout, colors, finishes, and textures


Love to craft? Handy with the tools? Have a contractor you already love to work with?  Let me design a space that you can easily create on your own and get a professionally finished look.

  • Available in-home, in-office, or virtually

  • Initial consultation fee waived with signed contract

  • Electronically delivered design includes room finishes, color schemes, lighting, window treatments, furniture and furniture layout

  • Client also receives recommendations for decor/accessories and where to shop

Complete Decor Package

Allow me to create the perfectly decorated retreat for you at home or at work from beginning to end.

  • Available in-home or in-office only

  • Initial consultation fee waived with signed contract

  • Shopping by or with designer for furniture, decor, rugs, etc.

  • Client receives a decorated space according to specs discussed in contract and completed within a specified budget.

Building a new home or planning a remodel?  Gain professional perspective throughout your building process on your plans, color schemes, cabinetry design, and more.  Bundled hourly packages discussed with individual projects.

Construction Consult 

Event services are priced based on the particulars for each event and will be discussed following an initial consultation meeting.